Organiser: Sportgemeinschaft Siemens Erlangen Leichtathletik e.V.

Racing route refer to runmap/google: 5 km run lap; 7.2 km trail; 8.1 km trail following lap; 1.6 km lap; 1 km; 5 km Walking lap

Competitions: refer to home page; no membership in a club neither a company is required!
The Siemens-valuation is only valid for 10 km and only valid for staff of Siemens and Siemens shareholdings.

Registration: only online until 17.3.19; changes from 3.3. up to 17.3.19 cost 5 €, thereafter no pay back of entry fee; late registration (regarding participant limit / cash payment) and pickup of number on 22.3.19, 12:30 - 16:30 at Intersport Eisert Erlangen and on 23.3.18 by 9:00 at the competition office.
With the registration the participant agrees with the publication of his data (no address) and photos.

Fee: refer to home page; late registration: 5 €, U20 (youth race) and younger 0 €

Parking: Siemens-car park (Building 85), in front of Henri-Dunant-Str. 100, 91058 Erlangen-Bruck
site plan: way to competition center and start
start/ finish: at "Adlerwiese" (playground) / in front of Church St. Marien

Competition office: school 'Brucker Lache', Zeißstraße 51, 91058 Erlangen
The Allianz bouncing castle is available in the gym hall, 9 a.m to 4 p.m.

Changing room: tents at Adlerwiese and in the school; changing room with showers: Siemens sports ground (Komotauer Str. 4, 91052 Erlangen)

Time measurement: The recording of the finisher is done by reading the bar code on the starting number, in all runs. Fix the starting number only in your breast area: The starting number has to be fixed there to be good readable to enable the recording of each finisher!

Winner Ceremony: timely after the race, before the next start (observe announcement); medal for every finisher.

  • 15 und 10 km: only overall winner (M/W 1.-3.), winner relays  and unisex teams 1.-3.; age group prices will be sent to registered address.
  • Pupil and youth races: Johnny-Cup and prices for the three pupil groups with most finisher (1 km and 1.7 km);
    Prices: age group winner in 5 km youth race.
  • only full Trail run (16 km) and only overall winner (M/W 1.-3.), no age group, no team.

Miscellaneous: Organiser/ City/ Bay. Staatsforsten/ Church, assume no liability for accidents, damage and theft; Participant insurance exists by BLV over ARAG München. The DLV regulations apply: IWB, VAO und LAO.