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Organiser: Sportgemeinschaft Siemens Erlangen Leichtathletik e.V.

Racing routes refer to AllTrails: 5km-lap; 9,5km-Trail; 1,6km-lap; short-term changes possible

Competitions: refer to home page; no membership in a club neither a company is required!
The Siemens-valuation is only valid for 10 km and only valid for staff of Siemens and Siemens shareholdings.

Registration: only online until 15.3.20; changes from 1.3. up to 15.3.20 cost 5 €, thereafter no pay back of entry fee; late registration (regarding participant limit / cash payment) and pickup of number on 20.3.20, 12:30 - 16:30 at Intersport Eisert Erlangen and on 21.3.20 by 8:45 at the competition office.
With the registration the participant agrees with the publication of his data (no address) and photos.

Fee: refer to home page; late registration: 5 €, U20 (youth race) and younger 0 €

Parking: Siemens-car park (Building 85), in front of Henri-Dunant-Str. 100, 91058 Erlangen-Bruck
site plan: way to competition center and start
start/ finish: at "Adlerwiese" (playground) / in front of Church St. Marien

Competition office: school 'Brucker Lache', Zeißstraße 51, 91058 Erlangen

Changing room: tents at Adlerwiese and in the school; changing room with showers: Siemens sports ground (Komotauer Str. 4, 91052 Erlangen)

Participation/ training status/ track status: Upon receipt of the entry documents, each participant declares that he has trained suitably for his run and there is no health objection to participate. Each participant has to consider track bumps and slickness, especially each trail runner must give particular attention to: narrow paths, exposed roots and other obstacles such as trees, stones and water, which may pose special challenges and require increased attention.

Lodging: no plastic-cup hand-out during run to avoid waste but table for self-board; finisher drink in front of church St. Marien

Time measurement: The recording of the finisher is done by reading the bar code on the starting number, in all runs. Fix the starting number only in your breast area: The starting number has to be fixed there to be good readable to enable the recording of each finisher!

Winner Ceremony: timely after the race, before the next start (observe announcement); finisher-medal for children.

  • 15 und 10 km: only overall winner (M/W 1.-3.), winner relays  and unisex teams 1.-3.; age group prices will be sent to registered address.
  • Pupil and youth races: Johnny-Cup and prices for the three pupil groups with most finisher (1 km and 1.7 km);
    5km-Prices: only overall winner (M/W), youth age group winner, no further age group, no team.
  • full Trail run (15 km) overall winner (M/W 1.-6.), age groups 50/60/70: 1.-3. (age group prices will be sent to registered address), no team, and
    short Trail run overall winner (M/W 1.-3.), no age group, no team.

Miscellaneous: Organiser/ City/ Bay. Staatsforsten/ Church, assume no liability for accidents, damage and theft; Participant insurance exists by BLV over ARAG München. The DLV regulations apply: IWB, VAO und LAO.