Dear runner, viewer and coach,

we present two charity actions:

1) The revenue of the event is for a charitable donation. Additionally, you can donate in the available donation boxes.
For example: The Erlanger Tafel, they need this support urgent, now more than ever.

2) The parents' associations of the primary school Brucker Lache and the corresponding of the daycare of the church St. Marien offer delicious cake and coffee (et al.) in the school foyer after your run for favorable prices.
Cake sponsor: Bakery and Confectionery PICKELMANN.

The school and church projects benefit (and so the children) with 100% from the sales revenue.
The organizer, sponsor and school parents' associations are looking forward to welcome you!
You can make yourself fit again (also in-between) and re-enjoy your running event.

Please notice: The organizer, town and school don't take any responsibility for accidents and thefts as well as other cases of damage!