SGS Athletics and the City of Erlangen invite you to the Twin-Towns-Challenge 2021

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  • From Erlangen and twin towns can take part: athletes and anyone who simply wants to keep fit; min. age 20 years
  • Participation is free and limited to the respective town area (club members/ inhabitants)
  • Registration to take part (if possible by May 17, latest May 30, 2021) and information on this page - new
  • Valuation period is 05/17/2021 to 06/20/2021 (5 weeks)
  • All kilometres (KM) count, regardless of where and whether jogging or running (means report KM per week total
    - calendar week = Monday-Sunday)
  • The KM per week total of a participant of a town are reported to a named person of trust of this town;
    KM-registration only after personal registration;
    checks are done by means of the runners recorded tracking data (runner's watch), but only if more than 110 km are reportet per week
  • Please keep track of KM reports, if possible, at the beginning of the following week
  • For each city, from the rankings TOP20, TOP10 and TOP5 the TOP10 per 5 weeks total KM is finally evaluated, no matter if W or M  - new
  • final ceremony with prizes donated by the city of Erlangen and presented by the patron, Lord Mayor Florian Janik  - new video

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  Peter Steger and John Stackmann are looking forward to your participation and wish you a lot of fun with healthy running!

                                                                               running team Erlangen
(Status: 2021-07-05)